Boulevard [is one of the eight magazines] young writers and poets, of course, pay attention to...since that’s where they hope to publish their work.
— Charles Simic, The New York Review of Books


Boulevard was founded in 1984 in New York City and incorporated in 1985 as a nonprofit by writer Richard Burgin. Its first issue, published January 2, 1986, featured fiction by Nobel laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer, poetry by Kenneth Koch, and interviews with renowned composers Philip Glass and Steve Reich and an essay on John Dos Passos and the Soviet Cinema. By its third issue in 1987, Boulevard had attained national bookstore distribution, which continues into the present.

Boulevard has published works by generations of important writers and critics, including John Ashbery, Ann Beattie, Billy Collins, Mark Doty, Jennifer Egan, Donald Hall, Alice Hoffman, David Mamet, Joyce Carol Oates, Carl Phillips, Francine Prose, Gerald Stern, Mark Strand, and others. Poet laureate Daniel Hoffman has called Boulevard “One of the half-dozen best literary journals.”

Boulevard’s headquarters moved from New York to Philadelphia in 1989; Drexel University published the magazine from 1991 to 1995. In the fall of 1996, the magazine moved to St. Louis, and St. Louis University became its publisher, an arrangement that lasted until 2013. Burgin edited the magazine until 2015, followed by Jessica Rogen.


Founding Editor & Publisher

Richard Burgin


Jessica Rogen

Managing Editor

Dusty Freund

Assistant Managing Editor

Griffin Reed

Senior Editors

Glenn Blake, Edmund de Chasca, Peter Grandbois, Edward Nobles

Associate Editors

William J. Cobb, Laura Kessler, Michael Nye, Ryan Smith, Sally Van Doren

Assistant Editor

Laura Moretz

Editor at Large

Adrian Matejka

Interviews Editor

Ryan Krull

Publication Design

Shanie Latham

Contributing Editors

Bix Gabriel, Megan Giddings, Miriam M. Kotzin, Rene Martinez, Kevin Prufer, Andra Samelson, David Shapiro, Marc Watkins, Eric Miles Williamson, Andrew Weinstein


Elizabeth Alphonse, Janee J. Baugher, Gabrielle Flanagan, Danielle Gillespie, Canese Jarboe, Kelsey Ann Kerr, John Kuelper, Willie Lin, Dana Sprehe, Timothy Wombles, Carolina VonKampen


Jorie Sims

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