Colin Fleming More Wood
Peter LaSalle In the Land of Eternal Revision
Nathan Leslie The Invisible Hand
Terrance Manning, Jr. Andretti in the El Camino
(winner of the 2013 Short Fiction Contest)
John Matthias Westmont and the Different Kinds of Music:Interludes
Joyce Carol Oates The Hunter


Sheila Kohler The Patient and the Doctor: Two narrators in the Schreber Case
Donald Kuspit Outwitting Weeping: Miriam Kotzin's Poetry
Josip Novakovich Two Number One
Floyd Skloot Let the Dark Come Upon You
Saint James Harris Wood The Smuggling Humans Affair


Maura Gage Cavell Beautiful Travels: Light and Destiny
Jehanne Dubrow House of the Small Dictatorship
Bob Hicok I-94 east
Good Parents keep their distance up close
As precise as I can be
The water's fine
Michael Homolka Endurance
Michael Derrick Hudson The Garden of Eden and the Trilobite
Betsy Johnson-Miller a still life
Sydney Lea I'll Try Stoicism
Joshua McKinney Hum
Stephen Peeples Dermestidae
Karen Roosa The Slant of the Sycamore