The Best Stories from Boulevard 1985-2015, Vol. 1

Stories by Jonathan Baumbach, Steve Barthelme, Chris Cefalu, Stephen Dixon, Robert Dow, Giles Harvey, Joyce Carol Oates, Elizabeth Orndorff, Alice Mattison, Melanie Sumner, Anthony Varallo, & Marc Watkins

Since 1985, our aim has been to present the finest contemporary fiction, poetry, and essays on the arts and culture in a variegated yet coherent ensemble—as a boulevard, which contains in one place the best a community has to offer. In celebration of 30 years of continuous publication, we are delighted to announce an e-book anthology comprising twelve of our favorite stories, together for the first time (volume II forthcoming soon). We hope that you will join the festivities and enjoy this collection! Accordingly, it is available for download either separately or bundled with a subscription, details below. 

The e-book can be read on any computer, laptop or tablet. Please email us at if you need help getting started.