Thomas Cooper Bloody Mary
Stephen Dixon The Dead
Julia Elliot Shooting the Horses
(winner of the 2010 Short Fiction Contest)
Paul Ruffin The Ballad of Squrl Redd...
Anis Shivani from Karachi Raj
Venessa Strachan The Beautiful Ones
Theodore Wheeler One a Train from the Place Called Valentine
George Williams Wabash


John Barth It Can Be Arranged...
Albert Goldbarth The Hamza
Josip Novakovich Balkan Express
What is World Literature? The Hamza
SYMPOSIUM Flaws in the "Canon"


Gilliam Cummings Dormant
Alice Friman Round and Around
Albert Goldbarth The Words I Made in My Head
Street Signs
David Guterson Barthes and Barth
John Kinsella The Ghost Train
William Logan Fall in the Sketchpad
Venice in Rough Light
Jane Miller Three poems from Thunderbird
Richard Newman Digging Up the Elephant Ears
Stopping for Lunch Near Goshen, Indiana
Ode to Big Muddy Asian Carp
Hallie Rundle Letter to Demester, Unsent
(winner of the 2011 Poetry Contest Letter to Hades
Isle of the Blessed
Brian Simoneau At a Horseshoe Bend in the Rogue
Floyd Skloot Late May in Zuheros, Andalucia
Invasive Species
Jane O. Wayne The Empty Flask
On a Crowded Flask
Helen Wickes Electrical Tidings