J.T. Barbarese Confessions
Colin Fleming The Cape Path
Janet McNally Salome
Patrick Nathan To Francine Mavencamp of Tallahasse, FL
(winner of the 2012 Short Fiction Contest)
B.A.Newmark Be Strong, Be Brave
Joyce Carol Oates Toad Baby
David Leslie Smith The Meyers of Henry County
Theodore Wheeler River ward, 1917
George Williams The Valley of Happiness


Paul Ruffin Laying that Awful Burden Down
SYMPOSIUM Favorite and Least Favorite Magazine
Robert Zaller Robinson Jeffers and the Horns of Truth


Karina Borowicz Red Sweater
Daniel Bourne Another Dream on the Border of the Old and New World
Chris Cefalu Thanksgiving Prayer
David Clewell Despite What You May Have Heard...
Alice Friman Another Postraduate Tutorial
The Body, the Tongue
Albert Goldbarth Cook
A Mere Three Generations Hence
Frank Jamison Dactylography
John Matthias The Doppelganger's Hands
Yeats, Pound and Pooh: Stone Cottage, Sussex
Tourist Guide to Crete
Kurt Nessett Complimentary Stay
Edward Nobles Northbound
Kurt Olsson The Good for Nothing and Left for Dead
Courtney Queeney The Sonnet's Object Speaks
David Shapiro Two Ways
Floyd Skloot First Night in London, 2012
Crying Over "Scarlet Ribbons"
Gerald Stern Daisy
At Last
Brian Swann The New World
Heather Treseler Collect Call
Letter of Law
Martin Tucker The Other Side of a Coin
Charles Harper Webb You Don't Want to Meet the Al-uru
Frank Wilson Assay