Sophy Burnham Talking of Angels
Stephen Dixon What They'll Find
Wendell Mayo Doom Town
Jean McGarry Last Rites
Joyce Carol Oates High-Crime Area
Paul Ruffin The Time the Rains Came -- an Eye-Witness Narrative


Geoffrey Bent Falling Out of Love with Vertigo
James Nolan I'll Be Watching You
Floyd Skloot To Land's End and Back: a 1,512-Mile Drive Around Southern England
Peter Stine Nowhere in Detroit


Michael Estes Joseph Cornell at Home
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Biopsy / The Mary Barnard Translation
Our Reference
Wendy J. Herbert Before the Bonfire
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(winner of the 2013 Poetry Contest) Displacing Keeps the Thing
Cause and Effect, Plus the Music of Miles Davis' Second Great Quintet
Carrie Shipers Field Work
Instructions for Becoming an Attraction"
Anis Shivani Sonnets to X.
The Painter
Marjorie Stelmach Precious Oils