Stephen Dixon Just What Is
Joseph D. Haske Amusement
Lesley Heiser La Concordia
Phong Nguyen Senior Paper: On Carlos Williams's "The Red Wheelbarrow" by Rosa Guittierez
Joyce Carol Oates The Drowned Girl
Mary Troy Go
Theodore Wheeler Violate the Leaves
George Williams The Cruelest Cure


Sarah Grigg Medicine Wings
John Matthias Film and Opera: Some Thoughts on Poetry Off the Page
James Nolan Stairway to Paradise
SYMPOSIUM In the next three decades, what do you think will be the greatest challenge facing literary publishing, and how might it be met?


Erin Adair-Hodges The Jennifer Century
Photographs of America
Annah Browning Ghost Encounter
Bonnie Buhrow August
Miriam Kotzin Night Herons
The Mockingbird Learns to Sing
Richard Lloyd-Jones The Loss
(winner of the 2015 Poetry Contest)
Amit Majmudar History of Southeast Asia, 1960-1975
Excerpt from an Oratorio: DEFCON I
Adrian Matejka Famous Negro Athletes
Flash Me Back to Beautiful Indiana
Everyone Needs a Chariot
Alysse Kathleen McCanna Risk
Elizabeth McLagan Slow Swirl at the Edge of the Sea
Rachel Morgan Cleve V. Cleave
Masin Persina A Bull's Eye
Poem Addressed in Two Directions
Toby Speed Day Lilies, Night Lilies, Night-Light Lilies
William Trowbridge You and Your Shadow
Frank Wilson Nicodemus