Colin Fleming Laying Sheets
Joshua Idaszak The Last Laz of Krypton
winner of the 2015 Fiction Contest
Joyce Carol Oates Dis Mem Ber
CR Packer Mrs. Lana Greer


George Choundas Dead Now
Jacqueline Kolosov Down the Rabbit Hole (Again), or the Misadventures of IVF
John McNamara Sophocles in Malibu: The Getty Villa as Translation
John Paul Rollert A Snuff Film at Harvard
Anis Shivani The Millennial Generation's Literary Escapism Toward the End of Empire: Dave Eggers's A Hologram for the King
Floyd Skloot He Had a Falcon
SYMPOSIUM How do you use technology, if at all, within your writing to further your authorial intentions?
Robert Zaller Toward the Post-Modern Novel: The Polyphonic Consiousness of György Sebestyén


Zeina Hashem Beck Fi Yom Wi Leila
Diana M. Chien Some Little Dry Bodies
Rats, River
Eugene Gloria Ave Nacirema
Jerry Harp Father Father
The Gospel According to Batman
Clarence Major May Day
Shara McCallum Death
Kevin Prufer The Mexicans
The Search
Mark Rudman The Irrespective Ratios of Volcanoes Inside Your Chest
Karen Skolfield Death's Head Necklace