Sarah Bryan The Booger
Kelly Cherry Vasily Vasilyevich Slivowitz
Stephen Dixon The Terrarium
Gabrielle Hovendon Glorious Orkester for the Advancement of Humankind
Erika Krouse Lotus
David Naimon Acceptance Speech
Andrew Porter Silhouettes
Susan Sonde Frog
Katherine Zlabek Higgins


Karen Benning The Bolsheviks Fund an Expedition
Steffan Hruby Camp Robert Bly
James Nolan Seedtimes
SYMPOSIUM Did Bob Dylan deserve to win the Nobel Prize for Literature?
Matthew Vollmer Cult Hymn


J. T. Barbarese Conditional Compassion
Children's Hour
John Blair The Pier
Pennies from Heaven
Kelly Cherry Nostalgia of the Infinite
Megan Gannon Dispatch from a Viral Video
Bob Hicok A full-service organization
The work A boy's love for his mother's love of politics
Kimberly Johnson Fumarole
Joanna Klink Crossland
The Dusks
Hannah Leisman Shark Week
Lynn Levin Staying Organized
Writing in Longhand
Cate Lycurugs Homebound
Wayne Miller From the Afterlife of the Rich
The Lens
Joyce Carol Oates Doctor Help Me
Shane Seely The First Echoe
Liane Strauss In the midst of it, and on either side
Abdourahman Waberi Infancy
translated by Nancy Naomi Carlson
Stacey Walker Reading the Signals
(winner of the 2016 Boulevard Poetry Contest) Pockets
Grace in War
Ellen Doré Watson Life Boats