J. T. Barbarese Terrorists
John Dalton Right You Are, Lola Brommelsick, Right You Are
Karin Lin-GreenbergLost or Damaged
Joyce Carol Oates The Archivist
Sommer Schafer My Little Pet
Jared Silvia My Neighbor, Dog
Lee Upton The Humor Writing Class


Ryan Krull Boulevard Craft Interview: Nathan Englander
Robbie Maakestad A Most Fragile Organ
Kirtan Nautiyal We Are Scientists
Judith Padow Blood Red
Andrew Weinstein The Bridge


Lea Anderson shapeshifter
Marta Balcewicz Godzilla
Shauna Barbosa Let
Elizabeth Eagle Dead Bird (Hawk)
Melissa Ginsburg Apollo the vessel asks a series of questions
Apollo imagines himself a thicket
Jessica Greenbaum Just as the body rings with a small measure of contentment
Stuart Greenhouse The Pigeon in the Box
Shen Haobo White Birds and a Silver Box
translated by Liang Yujing
W. J. Herbert Aye-Aye
Michael Homolka Year Twenty-Three First Month of Winter Day Four
Elizabeth Hoover Listening
winner of the 2017 Boulevard Poetry Contest for Emerging Poets Facts and Little White Lies
How to Draw a Room
Steve McDonald The Casemaking Moth
We Agnostics
Joshua McKinney Anniversary
Orlando Richardo Menes St. Apollonia, Patroness of Dentists
David Moolten The Huntsman in Snow White
Morgan Parker Great America
Doug Ramspeck Snow Synopsis
Floyd Skloot After Terminating Dialysis, June 1997
New Year
Brian Sneeden Bryshen and the Burning Bush
Chelsea Wagenaar Hand
Maceo J. Whitaker Mullet Pennies
Frank Wilson Pas de Deux